Recognition: Certificate of Completion
Course Category: Level 01
Ideal Target Audience: Any individual who works on a computer on a daily basis
Course Duration: 2 to 3 Hours
Language: English
Course Value/ Price: R875.00 VAT Incl

Whether you are working with words or numbers, or simply using the arrows to win at Tetris, your computer’s keyboard is the primary source of input when it comes to computer activities.

Learning more about how your keyboard works and how to utilise it to simplify your tasks will help you work more efficiently and reach optimal productivity.

So start improving the way you work by learning how to use your keyboard to your advantage.

What you will learn:

Lesson 1: Getting to know your computer
Lesson 2: Getting started with text
Lesson 3: Practice proper ergonomics

Note: For the best learning experience we recommend using the additional reading in conjunction with the interactive online training modules.